Monkey Buisness


What an incredible story

The incredible story is: One time I stacked alot of thick mats ontop of each other and then I stood ontop with my friend Gianna and we were messin around like pushin eachother and a trampoline was right beside the stack annd Gianna shoved me off and I landed on my feet on the trampoline and I was like more than 3 feet in the air.And Gianna didn't even mean to push me off. But I landed on my feet. (Don't try that at home kids...unless you have a trampoline) LOL! My V.I.K teacher lives right next to me. And V.I.K means very important kids and it's a club after school in the gym where a bunch of teachers let you do activities and play active games(that's what they call it). Personaly, I think its boring.